Our visual lives

Posted by on Jan 9, 2011 in Commentary

This short video resonated deeply with me, for it eloquently describes why visual experiences are so important to us, both as individuals and in the collective:  “It is through these visual experiences that we define who we are, what we believe, and what we truly care about…”

As a promo piece for Intel’s new Core i5 processor, it underscores the profound impact technology is having on the creation and consumption of visual experiences.

With various means to capture and multiple screens to view, more and more of our visual experiences are being focused on digital imagery.  Hardware has certainly played an important role here, but it is software, the brains of any device or application, that is driving the big leaps forward.

While the last ten years generated significant advances in how we capture, produce, and distribute images, the coming decade will transform photography in ways we have yet to imagine.

For example, research in computational photography is leading to the development of cameras without lenses.  Already, digital processing tools can apply a variety of lens profiles and filters, as well as combine multiple exposures for HDR and other techniques in post-production.

The pace and scope of these and other software innovations in still and motion photography is incredibly exciting.  It’s the primary reason why I am choosing to invest more of my personal and professional time in this space, both as a creator and facilitator of compelling visual experiences.

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