Port Lights

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Light fixtures at the Port of Seattle.

Port Lights No. 1

Port Lights No. 2

Port Lights No. 3

The Wilted

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Red Stack

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Smoke stack atop the OMSI complex in Portland, Oregon.

Smoke stack atop the OMSI complex in Portland, Oregon.

Captured with Canon 7D + EF-S17-55mm; 1/800 sec at f/8.0; ISO 100.

Post-production in Nik HDR Efex Pro and Adobe Lightroom 3.


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Captured on 05/01/11 w/Canon 7D + EF28-135mm.

1/320 sec at f/8.0; ISO 100; post-prod in Adobe LR 3.

Rose and Wheat

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Rose and Wheat

Captured on 07/05/08 with Canon 400D + EF-S10-22mm, 1/125 sec at f/6.3, ISO 100.

Tulips for My Valentine

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A diptych for this special day, celebrating the special people in our lives.

Tulips for my Valentine

Captured on 02/16/07 with Canon 400D + EF28-135mm.

Curved Red Curbs

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After shooting various scenes at the Seattle Japanese Garden in mid-October, I was headed back to my car when these bright red curbs caught my eye.

Since the fall leaves had yet to reach their peak colors in the garden, I was glad to find something worthwhile to capture.

Bright paths of red cutting through vibrant green grass and dark pavement…

Curved Red Curb (No. 1)

Captured on 10/13/10 with Canon 7D + EF28-135mm; 1/80 sec at f/5.0, ISO 500.

Curved Red Curb (No. 2)

Captured on 10/13/10 with Canon 7D + EF28-135mm, 1/80 sec at f/5.0, ISO 500.

And here’s a diptych, which I like more than each standalone image.

The Red Truck

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While shooting harvest at Brick House Vineyards last fall, I discovered this vintage red pickup truck, which is presented here in black and white, color, and a combination of the two.

Silver Efex Pro was used to convert the color image, which was processed in Lightroom 3, to B&W.  I then combined the two images in Photoshop CS5, reducing the opacity of the B&W image layer over the color.

Putting these three photographs together in the compilation below appeals to me more than one standalone image, be it color or B&W (more on compilations here).

The Red Truck - photographed at Brick House Vineyards on Ribbon Ridge during Harvest 2010.

Captured on 10/19/10 with Canon 7D + EF-S10-22mm on tripod; 1/8 sec at f/11, ISO 100